Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

From start-up micro companies to long-established family run firms, every business has different needs.  

At RRL we understand this. We take the time to fully understand our clients, enabling us to provide the right advice at the right time. We offer advice on all aspects of a business – not just the accounts, including structuring, succession and planning for the future.

Read more about the ways we can help your business to flourish below.

For more information about our Business Consultancy services,
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Business Consultancy Services

Business Sales

Selling a business is a key milestone for any business owner. It represents the opportunity to cash in on the value that you have built up over years of hard work, but can incur significant tax costs in the process. Our team of experts understand this process and can provide the appropriate planning advice to ensure that sale of your business is as tax efficient as possible.  

Business Purchases

If you’re considering purchasing a business, we can place the business under the tax microscope to identify potential issues and advise how to structure the acquisition to maximise available tax relief. 

Capital Allowances

The rules around capital allowances are becoming increasingly complicated, but we can make sure that opportunities are not missed. Visit our tax page to find out more about capital allowances and the difference they can make to your business. 

Research and Development Tax Credits 

If your business is engaging in innovation, you could be benefitting from research and development tax credits. This could be the development of new products and services, methods of production or improving existing processes – the scope of businesses that qualify is broad and could include yours.

Choice of Business Vehicle  

Any business needs to decide whether it will trade as a sole trader, a partnership, a limited company, a limited liability partnership, or a combination of these entities. We can offer advice on the most tax efficient business structures.