Direct Dial Numbers

Email is the easiest way to contact us at this time, and we will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible, but we understand that sometimes you will need to talk to us.

Whilst the offices are closed, please either leave a message which we will respond to as soon as possible, or use our direct dial number 01872 247890 and the following extension numbers for the Partners and key contacts.

Steve Maggs                     204
Nick Skerratt                     269
Mark Williams                   218

Amy Hookway                   220
Aneta Williams                  239
Polly Tregaskes                  226

Account and Audit
Amalia Chambers              270
Becca Walkden                  234
Carole Thomas                  232
Josh Stevens                      271
Kelly Reed                          209
Lynn King                           233
Mikaela Richards               274
Paula Budge                      207
Penny Roberts                   255

Wills and Probate
Charlotte Eden                  267
Nick Latimir                       231

Practice Director and Business Support
Michelle Pearce                  221
Lynne Shepherd                  261

If you are unable to get hold of the person you require, please call extension 221 or 261 and Michelle or Lynne will get a message to your team member.