The Rayne Foundation

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The Rayne Foundation provides grants up to £20,000 for UK charities and not-for-profits to support work of national importance to help society’s most vulnerable or disadvantaged, particularly in the fields of the arts, education, health, medicine and social welfare and development.

The Rayne Foundation’s overarching aim is to connect communities, building bridges between marginalised groups and mainstream society, and to enable individuals to reach their full potential by:

  • Increasing understanding and/or tolerance;
  • Reducing exclusion;
  • Reducing conflict; and
  • Encouraging new productive relationships that benefit the public.

Within these broad criteria, the foundation has several areas of special interest, namely:

  • Young people’s improved mental health;
  • Arts as a tool to achieve social change; and
  • Improved quality of life for carers and for older people.

Grants are available for projects in the fields of the arts, health and well-being, education in its widest sense, and those that cover social issues.

For further information please contact our Grants Specialist Alison Elvey on 01872 276116 or

Updated 2 January 2019