The Cup Fund

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The Cup Fund aims to support ambitious projects that boost paper cup recycling in the UK. The scheme has been launched by Hubbub UK, in partnership with Starbucks, which is providing the funding from money raised through its 5p charge on paper cups.

The aim is for the funding to stimulate a range of large-scale cup recycling schemes which will make it easy for people to recycle paper cups across the UK. It is hoped that, over time, the number of paper cups used will diminish as new approaches are introduced increasing the uptake of reusable cups.

The Cup Fund will support at least ten recycling projects around the country with grants of between £50,000 to £100,000 available to suitable projects. As well as financial funding, Hubbub will provide ongoing guidance and advice to the winning programmes to help them deliver infrastructure with a long-term benefit.

Applications are accepted from a range of organisations including local authorities, recycling companies, property owners and social enterprises.

For further information visit the Cup Fund website.

For further information please contact our Grants Specialist Alison Elvey on 01872 276116 or

Updated 8 May 2019