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If you would like to find out more about Grants, please contact our Grants Specialist, Alison Elvey, on 01872 276116/01736 339322 or alison.elvey@rrlcornwall.co.uk

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Lloyds Bank Foundation support charities with an annual income between £25k to £1m with a proven track record of helping people on a journey of positive change through in-depth, holistic and person-centred support with long term funding and tailored support to develop.

In 2020, we will only be able to make around 180 new grants to small charities in England and Wales, half of which will be for £100,000 over three years, and the other half for £45,000 over three years.

Applications are welcome any time.

For further information visit the Lloyds Bank Foundation website

For further information please contact our Grants Specialist Alison Elvey on 01872 276116 or alison.elvey@rrlcornwall.co.uk.

Updated 10 December 2019