You don’t have to be Cornish…

Although we are proud of our roots in Cornwall, this does not mean that we only deal with Cornish businesses and Cornish individuals.

With modern communications, it is perfectly possible to deal with a client’s accountancy and tax affairs from a distance, although wherever possible we prefer to meet face to face.

In some cases, these clients are exclusively tax consultancy clients but in others, we help with all of their business affairs including their partnership or company accounts and personal tax returns.

We have clients all over the country and, for that matter, all over the world – at the last count, we have clients in London, Devon, Somerset, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Hampshire, County Antrim, Jersey, Guernsey and expat clients in France, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Thailand, Singapore, The Falkland Islands, Brazil and one of our clients is about to move to Portugal.

If you like what you see on our site and you think you would enjoy having RRL working with you, please do not let distance put you off – we only advise on UK tax but we can advise you on that wherever you live!