VAT is a particularly complicated area of taxation which contains many pitfalls for unsuspecting taxpayers.  However, with careful advice and planning up front the VAT burden can often be minimised or avoided.

The VAT team at RRL have significant experience of VAT issues and regularly assist clients in saving substantial sums of money.  We always aim to deal with VAT queries promptly and provide a wide range of services as follows:

  • VAT compliance reviews including review of business records
  • Staff training
  • Liaising with HMRC
  • Registration and deregistration
  • Land and property transactions
  • Attending HMRC compliance visits

The VAT team consists of Stephen Gainey, VAT partner, with many years of experience giving advice in this field and Polly Tregaskes, our Tax Manager who specialises in VAT.

As a firm we act for a large number of charities and therefore have considerable experience in advising on the particular VAT issues which concern not for profit organisations.   These include:

  • Advising on VAT status of new projects
  • Advising on VAT status of new income sources
  • Partial exemption and agreement of Special Methods with HMRC
  • Advising on the VAT status of capital build projects

If you would like further information about our VAT services, please contact Stephen Gainey or telephone 01872 276116.

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