Tax Consultancy

Our Tax Team offers tax advice to a number of local firms of accountants and solicitors. We can offer our specialised knowledge and experience to deal with tax matters affecting their clients, whether as part of a full tax planning exercise, or as a quick response to a one-off question on tax.

Solicitors value the opportunity to tap into our expertise on SDLT, capital allowance on buildings, CGT, VAT and IHT, as well as taking our advice on the tax implications of proposed transactions or settlements of disputes. We are often asked to prepare the accounts for estates they are administering.

Accountants may use our services for general tax planning advice, and also to assist with the tax aspects of significant transactions such as buying or selling a business or passing it on to the next generation.

We operate a strict policy of not “poaching” clients we meet in these circumstances.

If you would like further information about our Tax Consultancy services, please telephone 01872 276116.

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