Business Tax

We deal with all sizes of business, from self-employed individuals with a turnover in the low tens of thousands, to large groups of companies with turnovers in the millions.

We regard the preparation of your business accounts as an opportunity for a discussion with you on your business’ performance and any areas that need attention. This of course includes tax, and we are able to offer top quality tax planning advice to ensure that your business retains as much of its profits as possible rather than paying them in tax.

We can also help with the various tax compliance requirements imposed on businesses today, including VAT, PAYE, the Construction Industry Scheme, and the National Minimum Wage.

Some of our clients like us to deal with these matters on their behalf, acting as their agents to submit the various monthly returns, while others retain this function in house but know that they have a friendly and knowledgeable voice at the end of the phone if they get into any difficulties.

We also ensure that you are kept advised of any significant tax reliefs available to businesses, such as:

Research and Development Tax Credits

This can be a valuable relief for businesses engaged in developing new products or improving existing ones, and we quite often find when we take on a new client that we are able to make claims for this valuable tax relief for those who were previously under the impression that they do not do any “research” that would qualify for a claim.

Patent Box

This relief was introduced in 2013 and offers a lower rate of corporation tax on profits associated with patents owned and developed by the company concerned. We can offer the appropriate tax advice and we can also recommend patent attorneys to help you with the process of applying for patents.

Capital Allowances

The rules for these are becoming more and more complicated and we can make sure that opportunities are not missed. Please see our property tax page for details of one example of how capital allowances are both complex and important.

If you would like further information about our Business Tax services, then please telephone 01872 276116.

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