Sage cover and advice services

Our clients are able to call our experienced Sage team for help and support. We can also provide you with the following support packages directly from Sage.

Sage Cover

A telephone and online membership support service that offers:

  • Dedicated Sage Cover telephone support
  • Email support
  • Access to Ask Sage – an online bank of frequently asked questions offering quick solutions to every day problems
  • E-newsletters – with news and reviews on hot topics
  • Data and password recovery

Plus, when you take out Sage Cover for Payroll, you also receive Sage HR Advice Standard, which offers you access to an online HR Advice service.

This service gives you access to news, documents and guides to keep you up-to-date with HR Management issues and changes in employment law.

Sage Cover Extra

As well as providing you with the highest level of telephone and email assistance, Sage Cover Extra also ensures that you’re always using the most up-to-date software.

With Sage Cover Extra you’ll also receive:

  • Free software upgrades each time a new version is released
  • Business Toolkits including Benchmarker, Planner, Cost Calculation and Financial Checker
  • HR Advice Standard – an online service to deal with employee issues, contracts, disciplinary and redundancy
  • Free customised reports
  • For Accounts users – free report of the month – every month
  • For Payroll users – three most popular reports at time of membership
  • Specialist support at critical times of the year
  • Express data and password recovery
  • Remote support

It offers all the benefits of Sage Cover, plus extra support to keep your software up-to-date and help your business benefit from our expertise and experience, giving you complete peace of mind in everything that you do.

Sage Health & Safety Advice

The perfect solution for any business that wants legally reliable guidance on health and safety issues.

Sage Health and Safety Advice offers a combination of website and e-communication support services to help you keep your business compliant, and simplifies things for you by translating the law into plain English.

It advises you of forthcoming changes to the legal system and gives you all the tools you need to remain compliant.

The service also offers solutions for all size of business, budget or experience and can be used by everyone from an owner or manager, to a qualified professional.

In fact, when it comes to receiving the best legal health and safety advice, you need to ask yourself, can you really afford to live without it?

Sage HR Advice

Sage HR Advice offers a combination of website and e-communication support services. As well as translating the law into plain English, Sage HR Advice advises you of forthcoming changes to the law and gives you all the tools you need to remain compliant.

The service provides a suite of downloadable HR documentation including procedures, step-by-step guides, letters, policies, and checklists.

Sage Legislation Manager

For all businesses you need to stay on the right side of the law. You don’t want to be hit with heavy penalties but it takes time and effort to stay compliant.

Sage Legislation Manager offers a combination of website and e-communication support services for Health and Safety, HR, business law, credit control and employee tax allowing you to audit your business and remain compliant in these areas.

Sage Legislation Manager uses detailed audits, reports and dashboards to highlight areas in which your business could be at risk. Recommended actions show you how to improve your business practice and allows you to log your progress.

If you would like any more information, to purchase these products or have any other Sage queries, please contact us.

We want you to be happy with what you have implemented. We also run regular user seminars, based on requests from our clients that you will be eligible to attend.

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