Our highly experienced team currently provide payroll services for over 150 businesses and are supported by a high quality payroll system. In addition, we provide Pension Automatic Enrolment services for all of our Payroll clients who have already staged i.e. are subject to the new Pension Reform rules. We will maintain payroll records on your behalf, including joiners, leavers, Pension assessment, Statutory Maternity Pay, leave and all other relevant amendments to payroll.

We can process payrolls for any pay frequency, hourly paid or salaried, calculating the PAYE, National Insurance, pension, student loan deductions and any other statutory and non-statutory payments and deductions such as SMP, SSP, Attachment of Earnings orders, etc. and make real time information submissions (RTI) on your behalf to HMRC.

We will provide payslips and payroll reports including bespoke reports as required either by email to you or by post. We will also notify employees on your behalf of their entitlement to statutory payments, enrolment into pension schemes etc. We can use your employees’ home email addresses to send password protected payroll correspondence such as payslips, pension correspondence, P45s and P60s etc., saving you postage costs and time.

We can arrange payments on your behalf to your employees,  to HM Revenue and Customs and  to your pension provider directly by BACS or we can forward these details for you to make payment.

As always, we help our clients through new legislation affecting the payroll process. In 2013 we piloted RTI as part of the “voluntary soft launch” prior to compulsory filing from April 2014 and in 2014 we helped our first clients with their initial assessments and pension calculations under Pension Automatic Enrolment.

We run the full Automatic Enrolment process which keeps records of every action on each employee and produces pension correspondence and output for all major pension scheme providers. We also offer a fully managed pension service which includes file upload and pension provider website maintenance. We are ready to help our clients through this new statutory obligation. If you have any queries or concerns on this issue, please contact Tracy Taplin. If your current payroll provider will not be offering a fully managed automatic enrolment service when you stage, please contact Tracy for advice.

As part of our service we provide a helpline to deal with routine enquiries regarding payroll and payslip queries for management and staff and also deal with routine enquiries from HM Revenue and Customs.