Other accountants

We provide specialist consultancy advice on tax and accounting problems to a number of accountants in Cornwall and elsewhere in the UK.

Our services range from answering a quick telephone call on a minor technical point to taking over the handling of disputes with HM Revenue & Customs or dealing with tax investigations.

In some cases we meet the client concerned, and in others we work in the background and the client may not be aware of our existence. Whatever the arrangement, we operate a strict “no poaching” policy and you can be certain that we would never agree to take over one of your clients – except that occasionally a smaller firm may decide that one of its clients has “outgrown” it and specifically ask us to take over.

In most cases we are able to agree fees up front for our work.

Examples of the kind of consultancy work we do include:

Technical queries

Our tax team have a wealth of experience across all forms of UK taxation, and a five minute phone call can often provide an answer that might have taken a non-specialist an hour or more to research.

Business sales or acquisitions

Buying or selling even a moderate sized business can be a stressful business, in particular when limited companies are involved or freehold property is changing hands. We are able to provide help and support through the “due diligence” process, and we may well be able to save your client some tax along the way.

Corporate restructuring

It may be that the current structure of your client’s business is not the most tax efficient or exposes them to unnecessary risks. We can advise on alternative structures and how to get there without incurring a tax charge.


In many cases, sole traders or partnerships may be able to save tax and protect themselves from risk by either fully incorporating their business or setting up a hybrid structure involving a partnership or LLP and a limited company. Once again we have experience of all of the structures and can help guide you through the process.

Disputes with HM Revenue & Customs

Our tax team have experience of conducting technical arguments with HMRC, from minor disputes about the meaning of the tax legislation up to and including representing clients at Tax Tribunals. Whilst we are proud of our record of success in these matters, in some cases where HMRC are right we may advise against continuing the dispute and throwing good money after bad.

Tax investigations

HMRC are becoming increasingly aggressive in their tax enquiries and the new legislation concerning provision of information and penalties for inaccuracies in returns can be a minefield. we have experience negotiating with HMRC on enquiries ranging from small local investigations up to cases of serious fraud.

Inheritance tax and succession planning

Whether your clients are proprietors of a successful business or are independently wealthy – or simply trapped in the IHT net as a result of the value of their home – we can provide detailed plans to ensure that as much of their wealth as possible is passed down to succeeding generations.


Stephen Gainey is the RRL Partner who specialises in VAT advice and planning, and he is backed up by our Tax Manager, Polly Tregaskes.


For further information please contact Nick Skerratt or Steve Maggs or alternatively telephone 01872 276116.