Hot Topics – Charity Newsletter Autumn 2019

A summary of some of the latest stories affecting the charity world.

Accountancy and Tax Update – Charity Newsletter Autumn 2019

An update on SORP and accounting, explaining the latest changes and what they mean for charities.

October 2019 Newsletter

Your Responsibilities as a Director

In today’s highly regulated business climate, it is vital to understand the responsibilities involved in taking on the role of company director.

Inheritance Tax: Change to Come?

The latest OTS report on IHT sets out far-reaching suggestions for reform, particularly in the area of lifetime gifts, and around the interaction of IHT and capital gains tax (CGT). Whilst it is uncertain which suggestions the government will act on, with the tax clearly in transition, this is an appropriate time to review family circumstances and aspirations.

Brexit for Employers

Government policy regarding immigration and free movement is a rapidly changing area. To keep up to date, a regular check of the Brexit preparation pages or signing up for email alerts is recommended.

Hospitality: Tips and Tax

From time to time, HMRC turns the compliance headlight on a particular business sector. This year restaurants and takeaways come under scrutiny. Staff tips are one high risk area.

Capital Gains on Property

Disposing of property? There are important tax changes on the horizon.

HMRC Calling?

High-level fraud, where criminals impersonate HMRC in order to steal from bank accounts, or get access to sensitive personal financial information, has become increasingly common.