Cashflow and corporate finance

We can assist you in preparing cash flow projections for the purposes of setting budgets and forming business plans, or for businesses wishing to start up, expand, merge or sell.

We can deal with sales or acquisitions including introductions to financiers, grant applications, investigations, compliance and due diligence.

Corporate Finance

Strategic issues

Many of the following strategic issues are common to all businesses.

  • obtaining finance
  • promoting internal growth
  • acquiring another business
  • succession planning and retirement
  • selling the business.


We are very experienced in preparing financial projections to assist bank loan and grant applications, liaising and negotiating with financial institutions as necessary to obtain the best possible deal for our clients.

Internal growth

We frequently prepare budgets and business plans to enable businesses to monitor cash flow, set targets and measure performance, usually by reference to key performance indicators.


We will help you by:

  • performing due diligence
  • assisting in the deal negotiations
  • structuring the deal to your best tax advantage
  • liaising with solicitors in the legal completion.

Succession planning and retirement

We can assist you in the achievement of your exit strategy by preparing a succession plan that balances the needs of the business, the person retiring and the individuals succeeding to the business, who are often family members.


We can help you through this stressful experience by:

  • grooming the business for sale
  • advising in valuation
  • negotiating the deal
  • optimising your tax position
  • helping with the legalities of completion.


If you have any queries or concerns on this issue, then please contact us.