Auto Enrolment

Pension Auto Enrolment

Under the Pensions Act 2008 every employer within the UK must enrol all eligible employees into a work place pension scheme, as part of a government initiative to increase private retirement savings. This is called Auto Enrolment.

Auto Enrolment is being phased in over a number of years which started with the largest employers in 2012. The date from which each employer has been allocated to start their Auto Enrolment duties is called the Staging Date.  This is the date that you need to start paying pension contributions on behalf of your employee(s).

You can find out your staging date here.

In 2014 we helped our first clients with their initial assessments and pension calculations under Pension Auto Enrolment. Since then we have helped all of our staging Payroll clients through the Auto Enrolment process.  Our system keeps records of employee action and produces pension correspondence and output for all major pension scheme providers.  In addition we provide Auto Enrolment consultancy to other organisations within in-house payrolls.

Does Auto Enrolment affect me or my business?

Auto Enrolment may affect you even if you do not currently have a PAYE scheme or have no employees but more than one director within the business.

HMRC advises that you are exempt from PAYE if none of your employees are paid £112 or more per week, receive expenses and benefits, have another job or receive a pension. However, The Pension Regulator has stated that even if you are currently exempt from setting up a PAYE scheme, you still need to declare yourself as an employer to the Pension Regulator for Auto Enrolment purposes.  If you think this applies to you, please contact us for further advice.

If you do have a PAYE scheme in place, your Staging Date will have already been allocated by The Pension Regulator. Whilst your date may appear a long way ahead, we are recommending that you act soon due to the scheduling of employers staging in the next two years.

Staging Date Update

The largest number of employers will stage in 2016 and 2017. During 2017 just under 900,000 employers will stage – therefore during the 230 working days in that year, an average of 3,675 employers are staging every day.

As numbers increase significantly there may not be enough resources for pension providers to handle this number of employers attempting to stage, therefore we recommend early preparation.

If you have not yet chosen a pension provider or set up your scheme, you need to do this in advance of your staging date. If you do have a pension scheme in place, you need to check that it is compliant with the new Auto Enrolment criteria here.

How we can help

There are a lot of ways that we can help you with your new employer duties under Auto Enrolment and this can range from calculating and deducting pension contributions right through to fully administering your chosen scheme for you.

The basic step by step guide to Auto Enrolment from the Pension Regulator can be found here.

Case Study

RRL provided dedicated fully managed Auto Enrolment service for Mind Restormel Association for Mental Health. We set up the scheme on behalf of Mind, provided correspondence to employees and liaised directly with their pension provider.

Dr Maureen Newman, CEO commented: “The whole process was very smooth. The communications have been excellent throughout the transition. RRL took all of the worry away from me so that I could remain focused on our vital fundraising and support activities.”

What we cannot do

The selection of the pension provider is an important part of the process and we are unable to help you in this regard due to Financial Services Regulations. If you require help in this matter you should contact an Independent Financial Adviser.

Once you have chosen your pension provider, we can provide the support that you need to help you through the whole Auto Enrolment process.


We are ready to help our clients through this new statutory obligation. If you have any queries or concerns on this issue, please contact Tracy Taplin.  If your current payroll provider will not be offering a fully managed Auto Enrolment service when you stage, please contact Tracy for advice at or 01872 276116.