An audit may be a statutory requirement or a voluntary exercise for your business.

Statutory audits may be required in the case of companies, pension schemes and charities.

Some audits are required under professional rules such as the Solicitors Accounts Rules and the Financial Services Authority Client Money Regulations.

Other audits may be required by lenders or grant providers, and occasionally some audits are requested by shareholders.

We are experienced in the conduct of all the above audit assignments.

An audit is an independent check on the effectiveness of key financial controls in the business.

Through our audit techniques, we aim to provide practical and constructive commercial advice and make recommendations to improve the profitability and financial controls in your business.

We do this by planning the audit at an early stage, identifying key controls, testing those controls and issuing, separate to the final accounts, a report with management feedback. This adds real value to the audit process.

Another benefit of the audit process could be an enhanced credit rating for the business.

Whatever the nature of your business, we have the skills and resources to provide an audit that is both robust and cost effective.