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Consultation on the process for developing the SORP

The charity regulators in the UK (CCEW, OSCR and CCNI) as the SORP-making body for charities sought views on what changes may be needed to the process used to develop the SORP ‘Guiding the Development of the Charities SORP’. The SORP-making body aims to make changes so that the charities SORP continues to serve the needs of those interested in the work of the charity sector and the sector itself as well as it can.

A consultation document was issued: Guiding the Development of the Charities SORP. In addition to inviting responses, two consultation events were held and a number of respondents requested a meeting with the Panel to express their views.

The Regulators intend to make any changes in time for the development of the next full SORP. The consultation responses have been published on the charitysorp website.


NCVO publish Code of Ethics

Further to their consultation, in January 2019, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) published ‘Charity Ethical Principles’ which was partly formed in reaction to the safeguarding issues that have affected the sector.

These principles aim to support charities, their governing bodies and those who work and volunteer in and with them in recognising and resolving ethical issues and conflicts and make charities a safer place.

Regardless of the charity’s size, type or area of operation, the principles set out a framework for the ethical execution of charitable purpose. They can help charities in their decision making and in developing relevant policies and procedures.