February 2021 Newsletter

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Our latest Newsletter is designed to help you navigate the challenges of 2021.

Front page news:
  • Just one click? Get to grips with what your Business Tax Account can do and why HMRC wants you to access it
  • Capital allowances: last-minute reprieve for higher Annual Investment Allowance limit.
Other headline news:
  • why you need to check for errors in your Self-employment Income Support Scheme claim
  • changes to legislation affecting the construction sector
  • what to do about deferred VAT payments
  • new rules for R&D tax relief for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • why you need supply chain mapping.
Feature: Corporation tax to go digital
  • government consultation underway
  • what is Making Tax Digital for corporation tax
  • how many companies need to adapt
  • timetable for change
  • implications for charities and not-for-profit organisations.
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