Extension on Filing Accounts

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An announcement has been made by the Government this morning advising that from today Companies can now apply to have a 3 month extension (previously 30 days) for filing accounts if they are affected by Coronavirus (see here for full details).

  • Companies will still have to apply for the 3 month extension to be granted but those citing issues around COVID-19 will be automatically and immediately granted an extension.  But, you must apply before your filing deadline.
  • Applications can be made through a fast-tracked online system which will take just 15 minutes to complete.  Click here to make an application.  You will need the company number / email address / extension reasons.
  • Companies that have already extended their filing deadline, or shortened their accounting reference period may be ineligible for an extension.
  • Please advise your usual RRL contact if you have applied for the extension or if you require assistance/advice on this matter.

We will continue to keep you updated on important announcements such as this, to help you though this difficult and unprecedented time.