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Smartline is an exciting research project looking at how technology can be used to help us live healthier and happier lives. Businesses are engaging with this partnership project led by the University of Exeter with Coastline Housing Ltd, Cornwall Council and Volunteer Cornwall to undertake research collaborations.

It has three key areas:

Enterprises: Smartline is working with Cornish enterprises to develop the next generation of smart technology to improve wellbeing in the homes of the future, based on the needs of the households and the data collected from Smartline participants.

Community: using home sensors and tablet computers Smartline will create a digitally connected community amongst the 350 households within Camborne, Pool, Redruth and Illogan.

Research: Smartline brings together an interdisciplinary team of epidemiologists, economists, geographers, mathematicians and sociologists to explore the potential for business innovation to improve health and wellbeing through five broad themes.

Theme 1: Smart House, Health and Wellbeing: This will investigate the linkages between housing, health and wellbeing using the data from sensors and from regular household surveys.

Theme 2: Smart and Resilient Communities: Social Innovation and Volunteering. This comprises two sub-themes:

  • Sub-theme 2a: Community cohesion and wellbeing will study the impact of technology on community cohesion, integration and wellbeing.
  • Sub-Theme 2b Volunteering and Communities will consider the role of technology for volunteers, enhancing volunteer wellbeing and retention.

Theme 3: Assessing the market: Economic valuation of private and social benefits of innovation. This theme will use economic methods to value the benefits of innovation. The social benefits of innovations will be evaluated through case studies where cost-benefit analysis may be useful to help companies show their market potential.

Theme 4: Modelling of systems design: Predictive Modelling from Data. This will involve the use of mathematical models for complex data sets, including data mining, clustering and fuzzy inference techniques to realise improved asset management.

Theme 5: Innovation and e-health – Knowledge exchange for business delivery. This theme will use co-creation workshops to facilitate both the exchange and absorption of knowledge around business opportunities relating to e-health in SMEs.

To find out more see the Smartline website.

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Updated 21st December 2018