RDPE – Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme (CPSG) Round 2

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The long awaited Round 2 of the Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme opened on the 10th July 2019.

The scheme provides 50% grants in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (40% elsewhere) for capital equipment to improve productivity on farms.

Points of interest include:

  • Deadline for applications: midday on  3rd September 2019.
  • Online application process.
  • Minimum grant is £3,000 (i.e. minimum £6,000 spend), up to a max of £12,000 (£24,000 spend).
  • 87 eligible items listed from general equipment to activity specific equipment, with the aim of improving technical efficiency, animal health and welfare, resource efficiency or nutrient management.
  • For all farm types including livestock, horticulture and arable businesses.
  • Funds must be claimed within 150 days of the grant offer

For further information about the scheme as a whole visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/countryside-productivity-scheme.

For the application handbook click here.

For further information please contact our Grants Specialist Alison Elvey on 01872 276116 or alison.elvey@rrlcornwall.co.uk.

Updated 11 July 2019